Moira Review

Moira was released on the live game a few weeks ago. She is the newest hero/villain to enter into the world of Overwatch and also a member of the much-neglected healer class.  She mixes a lot of offensive and healing abilities in one interesting and nefarious package. Let's break down who and what Moira is and … Continue reading Moira Review


Powers That Should Totally be in Overwatch

If you follow as many Overwatch fan channels as I do, you are likely to be inundated with notifications about art-students and freelancers alike designing their own concepts of possible Overwatch desig ns and kits. Here are some individual powers I think would make interesting additions to kits mostly inspired by abilities from characters in … Continue reading Powers That Should Totally be in Overwatch

SK2USA: Deok Galbi

As I have mentioned multiple times before on this site, I love Korean food. One of the best foods I have encountered is Deok Galbi (떡갈비.) Deok galbi is a menagerie of meats, noodles, and vegetables simmered in a kettle implanted in the middle of the table you are eating at. It's wonderful. The sauce … Continue reading SK2USA: Deok Galbi

SK2USA: ddeokbokki

Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) Is one of Korea's most popular foods. It is make from cute thick rice-cakes called "ddeok" (떡). They have a super chewy consistency. They are paired with a very spicy red sauce. Often, the ddeok is put on a skewer and sprinkled with cheese. This is called "line ddeokbokki" (린떢볶이) due to the … Continue reading SK2USA: ddeokbokki

SK2USA: Stores Devoted to Emoji

American emoji ain't got shit on Korean emoji. Let that sink in. Not everyone in the world is a devout follower of Unicode's massive array of oddly specific emoticons. The only emoticons that I use from that list are the eggplant and the pile of shit. I think you can make accurate assumptions about my … Continue reading SK2USA: Stores Devoted to Emoji

PTR analysis: The only support is now Mercy.

Overwatch has been having a great time at Gamescom. The tear jerking Mei video and the reveal of Junkertown being well received by the Overwatch fandom. Riding high, Jeff Kaplan released another video detailing the new PTR changes to Mercy, which are... generous to say the least. Mercy Resurrect (formerly Mercy’s Ultimate ability) Ability now … Continue reading PTR analysis: The only support is now Mercy.

SK2USA: Bingsu

Bingsu (빙수) is, quite possibly, my favorite discovery in South Korea. It's a dessert created mostly from shaved ice, fruit, and a tiny cup of sweetened condensed milk. Of course, it has many different variations. Wikimedia describes it as: Bingsu or bingsoo is a very popular and elaborate snack/dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. This snack is … Continue reading SK2USA: Bingsu