Month: May 2016

Agent Zero

Here is the first draft to the first full length play that I ever finished. It has two different names that I’m toying around with. The first being Agent Zero, the second being VHS and AIDS killed the Gay Porn Theater Star. The second one is just so clunky, I’m trying to wedge that […]

Play: Super Magical Girl Princess Bean

Princess Bean 3 Full Length Play 5 M 10 W (double casting highly encouraged and suggested) This is the first full length play that I was ever proud of writing. It was first performed on December 11th at the Columbia College Chicago’s Playwrights at Dinner. It would take me decades to write out […]

Raggedy Antoinette 10 Minute Play

2W 10 Minute play You can download the pdf here: Script Costume I wrote this play in weekend for The Ensemble Experiment, an three week practice pairing actors with playwrights to create a newly devised piece. It was produced by Kyle Hamlin. This particular play was first performed by Jelani Smith and Dezhane Rouse, […]

Cherry Pie

CHERRY PIE This is the latest draft of my most recent play, Cherry Pie. This play deals with a lot of intense themes of rape culture and misogyny in the comedy world. It also features a visceral depiction of rape on stage. I plan to do another draft where the rape is taken […]

Waldo x Carmen part 1

Waldo x Carmen He walked into the coliseum. Waldo didn’t feel like a gladiator, a starved lion, or an emperor. He just felt like himself, something he rarely if ever feels. He was always with Whitebeard, Wenda, and Waggle, or in a sea of pedestrians, but the only thing surrounding […]

Mirror : RirroM

Mirror:rirroM A sliver of light slipped in through a crack as someone tried cranking open the lid to my prison. My only friends for months were the mounds of hay surrounding me and the easy bumps of the carriage as it lolled down the road. It was better than my […]

Game of Crowns Episode 4 Recap

Oh, dear, shit just keep getting shittier. So, apparently Bravo released a surprise episode on this show last tuesday, and I didn’t find out until like three days after, so that’s why episode 4 wasn’t recapped. You didn’t miss much.Just more drama. More rumors. More lies. Just more. More! So, […]

Game of Crowns Episode 3 Recap

Episode three starts with Shelley whisking about her beautiful Connecticut home as her robot children push their food around on the plates. Why even feed them this organic garbage? They just want robot salad, which is just a bunch of batteries and wet electrical tape. She shows off a note […]