Play: Super Magical Girl Princess Bean

Princess Bean 3

Full Length Play

5 M 10 W (double casting highly encouraged and suggested)

This is the first full length play that I was ever proud of writing. It was first performed on December 11th at the Columbia College Chicago’s Playwrights at Dinner. It would take me decades to write out the cast-list of who first performed (it was ages ago,) but some standouts were:

Jennifer Kiehl: Jacky Beansprout

Chase Scarborough: Prince Unicorn

Joey Panelli: Malork

Brittany Wolf: Mom, Ariel, Diana

Sam Hurwitz: Granny and Sally

This play follows Jacky Beansprout, a lower class teenage girl, and her addiction to depersonalizing out of her horrible life through flights of fantasy and a thinly-veiled adderol addiction. This play apes the style of cheesy 1990’s Shojo anime, which I was obsessed with growing up. Please neglect the misspelling of Otaku.

This was going to be the second part of a trilogy of plays that I abandoned. The plays seemed too similar in structure to each other, are nearly impossible to stage and produce, and too gimmicky. If you guys enjoy this, I will post what I have written of the prequel, Bingo King. 


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