Agent Zero

Here is the first draft to the first full length play that I ever finished. It has two different names that I’m toying around with. The first being Agent Zero, the second being VHS and AIDS killed the Gay Porn Theater Star. The second one is just so clunky, I’m trying to wedge that song “Video Killed the Radio Star” but it’s just not fitting.

Here is the link to the play:

Agent Zero

11M 6W

Full Length

I, after a long Wikipedia click-bait bender, came upon the interesting intersectionality of the onset of AIDS and VHS in the 1980s, and how the combination of the two destroyed gay porn movie theaters. It may not seem that much of an issue, but back then it was one of the few places where gay men could build a community. I tried exploring this, albeit haphazardly.

This play is very problematic. The first being (a common theme in all of my plays) the massive cast. The second being my lack of knowledge concerning trans-people (basically treating the trans-woman in the play as another drag queen.) The third being that the PoCs in the play are throw-away characters designed to make Gaetan Dugas (who’s name I keep mixing up with Gaetan Dumas)  look even more villainous, but I should’ve made him more of a complex character than a throwaway villain. Also, forcing my cast to be fell-ate each other on stage is usually a no-go.

When I rewrite this play, I plan to morph Jerome and Johnny into one character. People of color were most affected by the aids epidemic and were the leaders of the Stonewall riots. I’d also do way more research on AIDS and VHS. Also, I bet I can use single-channel video and VHS in a more visually striking way.

Anyway, I hope you still enjoy reading it despite all of it’s shortcomings and I’d love any feedback you guys have on it!


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