SK2USA: ddeokbokki


Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) Is one of Korea’s most popular foods. It is make from cute thick rice-cakes called “ddeok” (떡). They have a super chewy consistency. They are paired with a very spicy red sauce. Often, the ddeok is put on a skewer and sprinkled with cheese. This is called “line ddeokbokki” (린떢볶이) due to the fact that it’s all line up ready for your consumption.

Spice junkies will love this dish. The typical ddeokbokki is typically too spicy for me to handle. There is even an extra spicy version of ddeokbokki that comes served with a delicious beverage called peach milk to calm down the flames that are ruining your taste-buds. If you come to Korea and if you’re worried that the ddeokbokki is going to incinerate your taste buds. variety keep your eye out for two things: kids and a green chicken character. Kids, obviously, don’t have the cahonies to handle mouth melting carbs.


I don’t know if the green chicken is an licensed spicy character in Korea or if it has any mythological origins. All I know is that I’ve seen it on any cup of ramen that my friends and coworkers are crying over and I’ve seen it plastered on restaurant signs. If any native Koreans are reading this, where does this green chicken originate and does it have anything to do with spicyness?

Whatever if you can’t handle spice or not; If you come to Korea: you need to try ddeokbokki.


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