SK2USA: Cat Cafes

Cats are life. Cats are both the alpha and the omega. If all the world perished and only cats and tuna survived: I would be at peace. But, low-key, cats can be a nuisance. Their litter gets embedded into carpets, they spray cat pee all over your favorite things, they scratch up couches. The list … Continue reading SK2USA: Cat Cafes


SK2USA: Deok Galbi

As I have mentioned multiple times before on this site, I love Korean food. One of the best foods I have encountered is Deok Galbi (떡갈비.) Deok galbi is a menagerie of meats, noodles, and vegetables simmered in a kettle implanted in the middle of the table you are eating at. It's wonderful. The sauce … Continue reading SK2USA: Deok Galbi