SK2USA: Cat Cafes

Cats are life. Cats are both the alpha and the omega. If all the world perished and only cats and tuna survived: I would be at peace.

But, low-key, cats can be a nuisance. Their litter gets embedded into carpets, they spray cat pee all over your favorite things, they scratch up couches. The list gets so long that most apartments specifically don’t allow cats.


This is not a Korean cat cafe. It’s the Nekokaigi in Kyoto.


That’s why it’s quite wonderful that Taiwan invented cat cafes. These cafes allow visitors to make new feline friends with a modest entry fee and price of a latte. Many places, in my experience of Seoul, waive the entry fee in exchange for a drink purchase. Many places with an entry fee separated from the mandatory beverage include little treats to lure the cats in.

These treats are clutch. Cats are, by their nature, very distrusting of strangers. That, combined with the fact that many cafe cats endure many rowdy children and obsessive customers. The fantasy of cats bounding to your aura and snuggling all around you while you drink your macchiato is almost certainly not going to happen. I have seen some customers possess the right pheromones or vibe to attract multiple cats at their table, but I just don’t think I have the right sauce. Most of the time, whenever I reach to pet a feline friend, it does the cow pose to avoid my touch and saunters away.

That may seem like a total buzzkill and, sometimes, it really wrenches all the love from my heart until I become just a husk of a human. Most of the time just the sight and ambiance of cat cafe’s put me in a relaxed and optimistic headspace for the rest of the day. I know that there are some cat cafes in America, but certainly not enough for my liking. I hope more Americans find ways to create cat cafes in their cities.


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