Powers That Should Totally be in Overwatch

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If you follow as many Overwatch fan channels as I do, you are likely to be inundated with notifications about art-students and freelancers alike designing their own concepts of possible Overwatch desig

ns and kits. Here are some individual powers I think would make interesting additions to kits mostly inspired by abilities from characters in different mobas.

Position swapping

This ability is torn directly from Urgot‘s kit before the rework. In it, you target an enemy champion and swap places with them. Usually, this ability would be activated while under a turret or behind a wall of some sort: trapping the enemy in a unadvantageous position.

I think that this ability would be great in both regards. It would be awesome to swap places with an ally who is out of position with a quick button press. Did a Lucio boop you off the map? Just swap places with him and let him fall to his death. Reinhardt backed by an Orisa protecting from all angles? Swap with one of them. Combine this ability with a self-cast AoE ability for a super good time. Of course, this ability could get really OP or trolly. So I think a small charge up time would be necessary to balance it out.

Marked target Healing

This ability is inspired by the underappreciated game Atlas Reactor. In it there is a character named Khita. She’s a support character who has an ability called “Take Aim!”

Mark an enemy until end of next turn. The first time an ally deals direct damage to the marked enemy, the ally is healed for 25. – Atlas Reactor Wikia

The mark would be a perfect way to both sustain a party and reward the group for singling out an opponent. This ability would work similarly to Zenyatta’s discord orb. It would disappear after the target has flitted out of sight. I think it would work best if it healed for a percentage of damage dealt: sort of like Reaper’s self-healing mechanic. This would be a major boon to dive comp regulars like Tracer and Sombra.

Healing turrets

We have two types of damaging turrets in this game, why not flip the script and create a healing turret. Sure, Tjorborn’s armor packs do have a sort of healing panache and Sombra’s med-kit hacks do sort of fill this niche. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a World of Warcraft inspired totem right on the objective giving waves of health every so often? The real thought process behind this idea is that snow-ball needs a lover; a healing turret is a perfect opportunity to make a cute, robotic companion for them.

More terrain-altering abilities

So far the only terrain-altering abilities seem to be Mei’s ice-wall and ultimate. In the future, if the leaks are true, the tiny wall making girl. I feel that this is a missed opportunity because the most interesting and thought-provoking abilities in games I play always involve altering the battlefield.

Ideas would include oil spills, barbed wires, jump pads, sand-bags and airport walk-ways. All of these would be destructible by the enemy team, of course. These could also be heavily over-powered, especially if the whole defending team picked these terrain-morphing characters. Maybe if these obstacles could be moved by movement abilities (Pharah’s electric bumping skill, Lucio’s boop, Roadhog’s hook) that would help balance the issue.

Ally Swallowing Transportation (for lack of a better term)

This is one that I don’t have a better term for. This is inspired by Tahm Kench’s ally swallowing ability from League of Legends or Lt. Morale’s ult from Heroes of the Storm. I imagine this character being a ginormous omnic (but not as huge as the ones roaming Volskaya Industries.) This robo-person would just scoop the whole team up and ferry them to the objective, protecting them from any Widowmaker head-shots or Symmetra turrets along the way.

Naturally, this would have to be an ultimate or easily countered ability because what I just described would be a huge nerf to the above-mentioned characters. But, let’s face it, they haven’t been viable since launch.

Viruses (good and bad)

This concept wRelated imageas inspired by Stukov from Heroes of the Storm. I’m not at all versed in Starcraft lore; all I know is he is a Russian guy with a big infected arm. He spreads his disease to allies and enemies alike. It heals allies while slowing and damaging enemies. What makes this ability even cooler is that it lingers over time and leaps to nearby combatants.

In Overwatch, we already have Ana dealing with toxins and healing balms. Her primary fire already is a poison-esque ability. However, there isn’t an infection based ability. This would be another panacea of tightly packed groups of tanky compositions leashed by ever doting healers. Also, a mysterious stranger in a full-fledged hazmat suit would lead to some interesting skin opportunities.

The Overwatch developers are not hurting for new ability or character concepts for their game. They have a plethora of MOBAs and first-person shooters to gain inspiration from and, I bet, a few surprises up their sleeves. All we can do is theory-craft and speculate. That is; until Blizzard announces the next new character.


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